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Step 1: Create an Individual or Team Page


Create a fundraising page through CanadaHelps! Click the button above to start making your page. Need technical help? Contact CanadaHelps at (877) 755-1595 or the Events Assistant at aostberg@hivcl.org.

Step 2: Personalize Your Page


 Add your own text, pictures, maybe even a video! Make sure to tell your story and share why you support our cause. To kick off, make the first donation! Donors will be more likely to donate when someone already supported the page. 

Step 3: Email Close Friends


Reach out to your inner circle first. People that care about you are more likely to support your cause! Build up some momentum with who you are comfortable with first, then expand to others.

Download our Fundraising Guides


2019 Pledge Form (pdf)


Team Captain Handbook (pdf)


Individual Handbook (pdf)